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A typical injury case is a Personal Injury lawsuit and usually involves two parties, one of which is the plaintiff or injured party. The party that the lawsuit is brought against is the defendant. A defendant is often a corporation, business or an individual.

Caddell Reynolds will research more than one party and may involve multiple parties in a single lawsuit. Personal injury lawsuits are civil court proceedings rather than criminal suits. The injured party usually seeks remedies for their damages. Caddell Reynolds usually resolves these cases through litigation, but resolutions may occur out of court as well.

There are many types of Personal Injury claims that Caddell Reynolds can handle on your behalf. As your law firm, we will represent you with the highest level of integrity, experience, compassion, and strength. We will always have your back, and keep you informed of the status of your Personal Injury or wrongful death case.

If you or a loved one have suffered serious injury or death in any of these accidents listed below call us for a free consultation.

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Fayetteville is the third largest city in Arkansas. The city has an estimated population of 73,580 people with a total area of 55.2 square miles. Fayetteville dates back to 1836, and played an important role during the civil war. The city has a lot of history and entertainment to offer residents and visitors. You can enjoy community events, outdoor adventures, shops and restaurants, and more.

Fayetteville Legal Resources:

  • Arkansas Bar Association – The ArkBar represents its members’ interests, provides money-saving services, promotes the profession, and alerts members to the issues created by proposed legislation that affect their law practice.
  • University of Arkansas School Of Law – The University of Arkansas School of Law is ranked among the top 10 “Values in Legal Education” and is among the top 42 public law schools, according to U.S. News and World Report. Students get to live in one of the nation’s “Best College Towns” before joining an international alumni network.
  • Washington County Judge – The Washington County Judge is the chief executive officer for the county government. Jude Wood is committed to serving the communities, connecting citizens around the county and communicating for a better county.

4 Common Personal Injury Claims That Call for a Lawsuit

What Types of Injuries Need a Lawsuit?

While accidents happen, certain personal injuries may call for legal action. A Personal Injury lawyer in Arkansas can negotiate a fair settlement, or file a lawsuit on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve. Before you file a lawsuit, review the following common Personal Injury claims to get an idea of what constitutes a valid case.

Auto Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents rank at the top of the list of common Personal Injury claims in the U.S. Accidents can cause a variety of injuries, some life-threatening others debilitating. Collisions involving tractor trailers, buses, and motorcycles carry a greater risk of severe injury due to differences in vehicle weight and momentum. If you were involved in an auto accident, you may have a Personal Injury case if you suffered one or more of the following injuries:

  • Neck, back, or spinal injuries
  • Broken ribs or collapsed lungs
  • Brain and head injuries
  • Internal organ injuries

You may also have a claim if the accident was caused by a defective airbag, tire, seatbelt, or another part of the vehicle. Contact an experienced Arkansas automobile accident attorney for more information.

Medical Malpractice

Another common and often complex type of Personal Injury is medical malpractice. This refers to a case when a patient is harmed or injured due to negligence or failure to provide adequate care on part of the health care provider, such as a doctor, dentist, nurse, etc. Medical malpractice cases are complicated due to the fact that mistakes happen and not every injury or illness can be treated successfully, even with the most skilled practitioner or the most advanced technology. If you believe that your injury resulted from your physician’s negligence, you may have a valid Personal Injury claim.

Due to the complex nature of these cases, it is recommended that you consult an experienced medical malpractice attorney to help you prove your claim and secure compensation for your pain and suffering.

Slips & Falls

Falls can occur due to countless circumstances, including many that may validate a Personal Injury lawsuit claim. Property owners and employers have an obligation to ensure a safe environment for all people who set foot on their property. This includes complying with all safety laws, repairing potential safety issues, installing safeguards, and placing clear warning signs to alert people to potential hazards.

However, it is important to note that not all accidents that occur on another person’s or organization’s property is justifiably the owner’s fault. If you have been injured in a slip and fall case and believe you deserve compensation, make sure to have an experienced Personal Injury lawyer in Arkansas on your side.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim can arise from many other types of common Personal Injury claims, including the three listed above. The difference lies in the potential compensation awarded by a judge or jury. Because the victim cannot collect damages, the victim’s family, estate, or other valid entity is eligible to receive compensation from the party at fault. An experienced wrongful death attorney can help your family navigate this emotionally trying time and receive all entitled damages.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Managing a personal injury claim is no easy feat, especially if you are trying to recover from the aftermath of a serious injury. To take this stress off your shoulders, you can count on our attorneys. We can help with all aspects and steps of your case, just as we have for countless others who have been in similar situations.

Our attorneys can help with your case by:

  • Investigating the initial circumstances of your accident or incident.
  • Looking for evidence of liability or negligence.
  • Interviewing third parties for eyewitness statements or expert testimonies.
  • Calculating the damages owed to you by the defendant.
  • Creating and filing your claim against the correct defendants and insurance policies.
  • Responding to any inquiries from the defending parties.
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement that lets you recover sooner than later.
  • Taking the case to court if a settlement cannot be reached.
  • Checking with you after your case ends to see if you have any additional concerns.

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  • Class Action $21,700,000
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck $9,500,000
  • Auto Accident $4,500,000
  • Tractor Trailer Accident $2,000,000
  • Defective Product Design $2,000,000
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck $1,800,000
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck $1,500,000
  • Motorcycle Wreck $1,250,000

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