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  • Great Customer Service

    Had some questions about Bankruptcy and Spoke with Judy in the NLR office. She was very professional and quite informative. I left the conversation understanding the steps I needed to take! Would absolutely work with them again!

    - Michelle L.

    Little Rock, AR
  • Exceptional Team

    Abbie Jackson is an amazing attorney and I highly recommend her and her team. She exceeded my expectations as I didn’t expect to find someone who genuinely cares about her clients and is also an exceptionally skilled attorney. Abbie supported and advised me through my Disability claim which was approved on the first attempt. Abby and her team was friendly, caring and accessible throughout the process. Thank you Abbie for all you did to make this difficult process easy and successful, you are the best.

    - Charles P.

    Van Buren, AR
  • Highly Recommended!
    After suffering a life-changing injury, I had to accept the fact that my only option to provide for myself and my family was to file for disability. When I asked around for which attorney to use, Matt Ketchum’s name kept coming up. I have now known Matt for well over a decade, and he is an amazing attorney. He took the time to really understand my case and get to know me. He explained the process, how long it would take, and what would be involved when filing for disability. The process was long and frustrating, just as Matt said it would be. Matt guided me through it all. He argued my case in front of a judge and I was awarded full disability benefits. Now do I not only have a great attorney, but I also have a great friend too. Matt has handled many legal matters for me since then with outstanding results. When I need Matt, I can call him anytime. He is highly intelligent and a down to earth guy. I highly recommend it.

    - Jamie C.

    Fort Smith, AR
  • The Best Team in the Business!

    I highly recommend Ray Schlegel and his team at Caddell Reynolds Law Firm as the best attorney I have ever had. He has gone above and beyond to help my family with our Long-Term Disability issues. He has reached out to me on his own, every time, personally, with one on one calls instead of having a representative call me. He has been prompt and efficient every step of the way. He has great communication skills, he is very personable and treats his clients as individuals. He is very caring and compassionate and gets the job done. I would give him 5 stars on Interaction, communication, judgment, research skills, people skills, and perseverance. I greatly recommend him and his team to anyone needing excellent, quality service.

    - Christy W.

    Greenwood, AR
  • Exceptional Team
    Exceptional team. Bumped from behind at a stoplight in torrential rain. My car just a couple of years old, later to discover that was not my main concern. Trigeminal neuralgia I discovered is not a condition doctors are very practiced in, and it is scary painful. Thankfully, I had the support of Caddell Reynolds. Ray Schlegel told me on the front-end to leave everything to him and told me to work on getting better. I did not have to worry about the expense related to this accident, and that in itself helped relieve additional stress while trying to recover. I had no upfront expenses and ended up with a very fair and just settlement. Thanks again, Ray and Lacy, for being so available for me through this hard time. I am so glad I called Caddell Reynolds Law Firm. They are the very best!

    - Suzie C.

    Categories: Ray Schlegel
  • We Were Taken Care Of

    Very professional..but what I really liked was the way they always made me feel like they were there for me...I'm sure they were very busy but always had time for my crazy questions! Made sure we were taken care of!

    - Tracey H.

    Categories: Ray Schlegel
  • I Highly Recommend this Amazing Rogers Team
    I’m appreciative and very thankful for both Andrea Sizemore & Ray Schlegel from the Rogers Office. From the first day I called into the Rogers Office, both were prompt and prepared to assist and advise me with my claim. Both made time for their clients and were always responsive with updates via email/phone calls, which helped make this stressful situation manageable. After my claim was completed, Ray Schlegel took time out of his busy schedule to call me, to personally thank me and wish me well. That certainly is heartwarming and the best client/customer service/experience. Thank you both for being professional, very knowledgeable and very dependable! If you should need representation in the future, I highly recommend this amazing Rogers team!

    - MK T.

    Categories: Ray Schlegel
  • Very Nice and Knowledgeable

    Loved Fred Caddell. He was very nice and knowledgeable.

    - Debra P.

    Categories: Fred Caddell
  • Extremely Pleased
    I’d never been in a wreck where I even considered I would need the help of an attorney before. When asking for recommendations, Caddell Reynolds was the most suggested. I reached out and was lucky enough to get a consult with Ray Schlegel. He was very thorough and easy to understand. He made sure I was completely understanding of what could and may not come of this. I am extremely pleased with how my case was handled! I would suggest Ray to anyone!

    - Abbe G.

    Categories: Ray Schlegel
  • Great Experience
    I would recommend Matt Ketchum to anybody that needs a great lawyer.

    - Samantha L.

    Fort Smith Matt, AR
  • Fast Results
    Fast, results, friendly people,

    - Kellie C.

  • Great Disability Lawyers!
    If you need help with a disability case, you need to see Fred Caddell. His office handled 99% of the paperwork when it came to filing my husband’s claim & the initial denial. Fred will even go take a number & sit in the S.S.A. waiting room on behalf of his clients! I have seen him do it!

    - Andrea S.

    Categories: Fred Caddell
  • Excellent Team!

    I recently had to make to difficult choice to file bankruptcy due to a life-changing heart condition at the peak of my career. It’s not an easy choice to make when you’ve managed a finance company for a living, and yet it became imperative for my survival and wellness. With horrible regret, I visited Caddell Reynolds for my first consultation. I think in a short while I knew I was on the right track. They say the first impression is key, and I was placed at ease with the incredibly empathetic front desk coordinator, Yolanda. She knew I was nervous, and helped me feel welcome and informed. My attorney was engaged in my journey, understood my pain, and immediately addressed my worries with a solution. My attorney truly has treated me like an individual case, caring about my needs and why I was having to file. I had a team of excellent staff that provided a professional experience with a wonderful attitude and work ethic that has made a life-changing event bearable. Brooke who assisted my attorney is amazing and personable very attentive. The little time I had to spend in the office was great. I couldn’t recommend the Caddell Reynolds team enough- the team starts at the door with the incredible Yolanda to greet you when you walk in!

    - Michael A.

  • Exceeded My Expectations

    Abbie Jackson is an amazing attorney and I highly recommend her. She exceeded my expectations as I didn’t expect to find someone who genuinely cares about her clients and is also an exceptionally skilled attorney. Abbie supported and advised me through my Disability claim which was approved on the first attempt. She was friendly, caring, and accessible throughout the process. Thank you Abbie for all you did to make this difficult process easy and successful, you are the best.

    - Jeff N.

    Bentonville, AR
  • Would Highly Recommend!

    I would highly recommend Abbie Jackson if you are looking for a disability lawyer. She took on my case after I had been denied multiple times, she was always there to help answer my questions and was always respectful and understanding of my condition. If you are considering a lawyer for your case, definitely speak with Abbie.

    - Ashley S.

    Fort Smith, AR
  • Great Friendly Staff
    Great friendly staff, attorneys will work with you on the spot.

    - Rob B.

  • Excellent Couldn’t Have Ask Serviced for Better

    Everything that they promised they came through with ….we love you Judy and Rusty couldn’t ask for better service and understanding of a bad situation never judgemental always helpful willing to answer any and all questions. We highly recommend Rusty and his staff to take care of all your needs.

    - Rob B.

  • Great Work!
    Did great work on my bankruptcy and were very nice people.

    - Erik F.

  • Excellent Couldn’t Have Ask Serviced for Better

    Abbie and her team were by my side through my disability claim. I could not ask for a better group of people. Always treated me with respect and she does listen to you. She was patient and kept me informed the whole way through the process.

    - Karen M.

    Holiday Island, AR
  • Excellent

    After being sick for several years and then learning I needed back surgery, was unable to work, went through my savings I felt there was no other option than to file for disability. Abbie Jackson was wonderful to work with. Made the process easy and stress-free. Which at that point, I did not need any more stress. My phone calls were always returned promptly and questions answered. And cannot say enough good about the firm. In the future, they will be the first to call. Thank you so much, Abbie!

    - Janet R.

    Garfield, AR
  • You Cannot Find Anyone Better!
    Had a disability case that was handled by Abbie Jackson and her team with exceptional results. They are very informative, and genuinely concerned about my case. You can not find anyone better.

    - Chuck K.

  • Professional and Prompt
    I am more than extremely pleased with the handling of my disability claim. Professional and prompt in communications and handling of my case. Highly recommended.

    - William R.

    Bentonville, AR
  • Awesome Service

    I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy in Oklahoma where I lived at the time. Mr. Hargis was on top of all the proceedings and never once made me feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about my situation. He went over and beyond even while on vacation he made sure my issues were taken care of. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering financial challenges.

    - Karen W.

    Fort Smith, AR
  • Very Kind!
    I used Caddell Reynolds for my bankruptcy they were kind of considered my feelings about what I needed to do very professionally and I will continue to use them for my needs in the future!

    - John M.

    Nlr ark, AR
  • Caddell Reynolds Really Helped!
    I was so lost trying to figure out things about my Workers’ Compensation case. Matthew Ketcham helped break it down for me so I could better understand what’s going on.

    - JR. F

  • Caddell Reynolds Was the Best!!

    Abby Jackson was amazing, she is very friendly and she just gets stuff done. She handled my case quickly. I wish I could give her 10 stars. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone needed an attorney

    - Iva M.

    Fayetteville, AR
  • Would Highly Recommend!

    We decided it might be our only way, but the unknown was terrifying. Therefore, we reached out to Caddell Reynolds, Bankruptcy Attorney in NLR. Judy and Rusty were very understanding, professional, compassionate, and eased our minds through the process. We would highly RECOMMEND!

    - Bobby & Linda R.

    Conway, AR
  • Could Not Have Won My Case Without Them!

    Mrs. Jackson was an extremely excellent attorney. She managed everything with my case with empathy, patience & professionalism. She is made sure I had everything I needed to see the judge so I had less stress going through the process. She is also very kind & down to earth. I highly recommend her and Caddell Reynolds. I could not have won my case without her. So thankful.

    - Christy J.

    Russellville, AR
  • Amazing Abby Jackson

    I was denied my disability twice and was on the verge of just giving up. I decided to call Abby Jackson for a consult. She was wonderful. She walked me through the process and kept me informed of any activity. She was always prompt, courteous, and professional. Email and phone calls were answered promptly. She told me in detail what to expect at my hearing and the process went so smoothly, I was approved at the hearing. Today I received my official notice of award. I could not have done this without Caddell Reynolds. Would not hesitate to use her again for any issue. Many thanks to this great attorney and office.

    - Pamela C.

    Fort Smith, AR
  • All My Family’s Dreams Can Come True

    Mr. Cooper definitely is the best thing that ever happened to my family. Every question we had he answered. Every problem we had he took care of. Such a down to earth guy and a heart filled with love. I can provide a life for my kids I have always dreamed of because of this man. He ROCKS guys!!

    - Jessica T.

    Fort Smith, AR
  • They Are Life Changers

    I fought my disability case for a year and a half before I finally called Abbie Jackson. She won my case in as timely of a fashion as possible. She is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and above all compassionate. She is upfront and gets straight to the point but will also spend as much time with you as you need helping you to understand your case. She never failed to return a call, if not the same day it would come first thing the next morning. I hope I never need another lawyer, but if I do I wouldn’t even consider anyone else.

    - Erik D.

    Decatur, AR
  • Absolute Life Savers!!!

    Absolute lifesavers. Fast, extremely qualified, and professional. I cannot say enough good things about this firm. Attorney Waylon Cooper and his legal staff, especially Mechelle, were exceptionally helpful and saved us from potential devastation. The personal relief I have experienced as a result of this team cannot be expressed in words. I will forever be in their debt. Thank you!!

    - Benjamin D.

  • Excellent Service

    Abbie Jackson was absolutely amazing to work with and always got back to me fast! She was very easy to talk to. And very thorough in her questions. I had several questions that she responded to at any hour during the workday, or at night, if I emailed her. Amazing lawyer/client connection all around!

    - Lisa B.

    Rogers, AR
  • They Helped Us From Losing Everything!

    Joel Hargis at Caddell Reynolds did exactly what my family and friends said he and his wonderful wife would do if they could. They kept their word! Never delayed always on top of our needed next step. And prepared us during our chapter 13 bankruptcy.

    - Brenda

  • Very Good Lawyers!!


    - Chrisy W.

  • Abigail Jackson Is an Amazing Attorney!

    I, Joseph Nash, would like to testify that Abigail Jackson is an amazing attorney. I fought for years for my disability with a different attorney that didn’t do well and didn’t point out the important facts but Abigail from CR was on top of everything and pointed out important facts and kept me updated on anything needed. She also listened and answered any questions I had about my case. If you need a great attorney Abigail Jackson is the lady you need. I’d recommend her to any and all that needs an amazing attorney.

    - Joseph N.

    Rogers, AR
  • Amazing Experience

    Typically I don’t leave much feedback for services rendered, however, in this particular case I think everyone needs to know about my experience with Caddell Reynolds. I have used various attorneys throughout my adulthood for various reasons. Recently I retained an attorney, Joel Hargis, from this firm. If anybody is just satisfied with meeting expectations you need to consider this firm for exceeding expectations. This attorney and his staff far exceeded any expectations I had at the onset. Tammy was amazing in making me feel comfortable with the various entries and documentation needed. Mandy goes above and beyond in being responsive to questions and needs. An example that has never happened to me before with any law firm, was I sent an email late Saturday night requesting an appointment and information and on Sunday I got a response back. What law firm does that? Never in my experience has that ever happened to me. Joel is absolutely amazing. He doesn’t circumvent the law he explains the law that any novice can understand. He left no doubt in my mind of his knowledge, his experience, his attention to detail, and his overall diligence in making sure that I was going to be represented in a manner that my confidence level in my particular case went up 150%. I very much recommend this law firm and if the rest of their legal team is as good as the one I retained within this firm they will go far in servicing any client that needs representation. Amazing and astounding don’t really define or describe how I feel. One word comes to mind, indescribable!

    - John T.

    Springdale, AR
  • I Appreciated Their Help and Understanding

    Joel Hargis and Tammy Bitterlin are absolutely wonderful. I had struggled with making the decision to file bankruptcy; I was embarrassed, ashamed, and had been belittled at previous attorney offices when I went for help. Mr. Hargis helped me to understand the bankruptcy procedures and requirements and treated me with respect and non-judgment. Ms. Bitterlin helped me to gather the information needed and helped answer questions in both a timely and non-judgmental manner. I appreciated their help and understanding, I would gladly recommend them to anyone that needed help or found themselves having to make the decision on whether to file bankruptcy or not. I would recommend them for any legal advice!

    - Mary S.

  • Excellent Lawyers!!
    Abby Jackson is the best. She could remember things I said in passing from months later that I nearly forgot! She is an excellent lawyer. Caddell Reynolds really has it together.

    - S. S

  • Amazing
    Absolutely amazing to work with and always got back to me fast! Mandy Hargis always took time to calm every fear and explain everything to me. Amazing people all around!

    - Anonymous

    onesboro, AR
  • Caddell Reynolds Is a Blessing!

    I want to tell you that Joel Hargis has been a blessing. We have been in our bankruptcy for three years and have two to go. Every time I need something or ask a question Caddell Reynolds has been there to help. It’s confusing and hard to start something like this. But, I had moved from Nebraska to Arkansas after 20 years and we were struggling. I would highly recommend anyone to Caddell Reynolds and appreciate all that has been done.

    - Melissa N.

    DeWitt, AR
  • Professional!!
    Professional and helpful!!

    - Leanna M.

  • One of the Best Lawyers
    One of the best lawyers around!

    - Debbie T.

  • Highly Recommend!

    I recently had a fall causing a major injury to my right foot. My recovery was too take many months. I knew my career would change due to my inability to walk for a while and only short distances. I called Caddell Reynolds and told them of my situation. I was sent to Rehab and received a call from Abbi Jackson. I informed her of my severe injury to my foot. She said I will help you with filing paperwork for Social Security Disability. I filled out the paperwork and submitted it to Abbi. We kept in touch by phone and email and later in person. I have explained the details that it would take during the process. My questions were answered when time went by and not receiving a paycheck. After 7 months my case was resolved. Thank you Connie and Abbi for all your hard work in helping with my case. I would highly recommend them.

    - Shelley C.

    Springdale, AR
  • Great Auto Accident and Personal Injury Lawyers

    I had the great opportunity to work with Bill Reynolds and his exceptional staff to resolve my auto accident and personal injury resulting from the incident. They kept me informed and stayed involved over the entire process from our first in-person meeting, through my recovery, all the way to the resolution of the case. Very professional, experienced, and truly an exceptional experience.

    - Jared B.

    Categories: Bill Reynolds Fort Smith, AR
  • These People Work Hard for You!
    I had a tough case, most firms would have given up but not these people. They pulled out all the stops and in the end proved my case and won it! I am forever grateful you will have no regrets using this firm.

    - Olin Q.

    Mulberry, AR
  • The Best Disability Lawyer
    Mr. Caddell is the best disability lawyer you could ever have.

    - Christy T.

    Categories: Fred Caddell
  • Strive to Help Wherever They Can
    I loved everyone here. Everyone has been super helpful. Bill is very professional and they strive to help wherever they can. Recommend these people every chance I get.

    - Paige

    Categories: Bill Reynolds
  • Best Firm to Work With!
    Nolan Caddell Reynolds was the best firm to work with. Answered all my questions and made the stress easier on me. Very helpful and understanding. Made me feel protected.

    - Kimberly E.

  • Great Lawyers to Have on Your Side!
    I had a complex medical situation. they researched the problem in depth and developed a great case analysis – all at their expense. Great lawyers to have on your side!

    - Dan K.

  • A Great Firm
    Nolan Caddell Reynolds is a great firm full of good people. They have always been helpful and I’d recommend them to anyone.

    - PJ D.

  • Awesome
    Caddell Reynolds is awesome. They really care about their clients and take care of their people. I would trust them to take care of my and my family’s legal needs without thinking twice.

    - Patrick L.

  • Answered All of My Questions

    He answered all of my questions and didn’t skip around issues. He was honest and stood behind his word. I would recommend him to anyone since the experience I had with a previous attorney was awful and to find Bill was refreshing and restored my faith in an attorney helping you instead of just trying to take your money without thought of the client.

    - Bill G.H.

    Categories: Bill Reynolds