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It is the job of insurance companies and the adjusters they hire to settle your accident and injury claim for the least amount of money. It is our job at Caddell Reynolds to settle your insurance claim for the most money. It’s that simple. We are your advocate and will go the distance to represent your best interests at all times. You deserve maximum compensation for your claim and should not have to face the insurance company alone. The harsh reality is that many insurance agents are paid bonuses to keep claims low and do not always have your best interest in mind.

The most recent accident stats show that 88,000 motorcycle accidents occur annually in the U.S. causing injury. And 4,976 bikers lost their lives in accidents on the road. Motorcycle accident insurance claims can be more complex and require a highly experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to sift through the facts, investigate the accident, interview witnesses if available, and build a case on your behalf.


  • Motorist turns left in front of the motorcycle
  • Motorist switches lanes and hits the motorcycle
  • Motorist rear-ends the motorcycle
  • Motorist opens the door, hitting the motorcycle

Arkansas has a variety of laws to help protect riders, including making it mandatory to wear a helmet and eye protection. The law also states that a passenger cannot ride on the back of a bike unless there is a passenger seat. Children under the age of eight-years-old are prohibited from being passengers on a motorcycle.

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Fayetteville is the third largest city in Arkansas. The city has an estimated population of 73,580 people with a total area of 55.2 square miles. Fayetteville dates back to 1836, and played an important role during the civil war. The city has a lot of history and entertainment to offer residents and visitors. You can enjoy community events, outdoor adventures, shops and restaurants, and more.

Fayetteville Legal Resources

  • Arkansas Bar Association – The ArkBar represents its members’ interests, provides money-saving services, promotes the profession, and alerts members to the issues created by proposed legislation that affect their law practice.
  • University of Arkansas School Of Law – The University of Arkansas School of Law is ranked among the top 10 “Values in Legal Education” and is among the top 42 public law schools, according to U.S. News and World Report. Students get to live in one of the nation’s “Best College Towns” before joining an international alumni network.
  • Washington County Judge – The Washington County Judge is the chief executive officer for the county government. Jude Wood is committed to serving the communities, connecting citizens around the county and communicating for a better county.

How to Become Your Own Best Advocate After a Motorcycle Accident

If you drive a motorcycle in Arkansas, it is crucial that you understand your legal rights in the event of a motorcycle accident that involves injuries. Research conducted by the University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation revealed that drivers in other vehicles are at fault 60% of the time when they collide with motorcycles. These statistics convey the need for an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Arkansas who can represent you after a crash. You can strengthen your case by learning how to become your own best advocate by following the steps listed below.

React to the Accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you should remain calm, put safety first, and document what exactly happened in the incident. You should:

  • Assess any immediately obvious injuries.
  • Move to a safe area.
  • Contact the local authorities.
  • Exchange insurance information.
  • Document the scene of the accident.
  • Seek medical attention.
  • Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Even if you are not sure whether you suffered an injury after your motorcycle accident, you should still visit a doctor. You never know which injuries can appear later. For example, whiplash may cause a serious neck injury, but it can take a few days to show up. Your injuries may also be internal and require immediate medical attention to avoid serious complications.

Determine Who Is at Fault

After you have received medical attention and thoroughly documented the incident, you should determine who is at fault. This is the first step toward legal action that will hold the responsible party accountable. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you understand which of the following parties may be liable:

  • Other Motorists: This is the most obvious party to sue, but you should take time to understand how the accident was caused and which driver, or drivers, are liable before your lawyer files a suit.
  • Government agencies: If the condition of the road caused your motorcycle accident, you might have a possible lawsuit against the government agency that is responsible for its maintenance.
  • Manufacturers or dealerships: If faulty equipment on your bike caused the accident, you might be able to sue the manufacturer or motorcycle dealership that sold it over the defect. In these situations, your lawyer will examine your unique circumstances and cite relevant Arkansas laws that determine whether the manufacturer or dealership would be at fault.

Understand the Types of Damages

If another party is at fault for your motorcycle accident and injuries, your compensation amount will depend on a variety of factors. The damages your motorcycle accident lawyer may note in your case can include:

  • Punitive damages are pursued when a defendant is being punished for outrageous misconduct, such as when a motorist intentionally caused an accident. For instance, a case in which someone purposefully drove into an oncoming lane to intimidate a biker and subsequently caused an accident would likely qualify for punitive damages.
  • General damages are paid for the pain, suffering, embarrassment, and anguish that can occur after an accident. When calculating general damages, the court will consider the accident, any injuries, and their impact on your quality of life. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you summarize your general damages and ensure you receive what you are owed.
  • Compensatory damages are relatively straightforward, as they account for costs associated with medical expenses, repairs, and any lost wages due to being unable to work. These damages are typically calculated by adding up invoices and receipts.

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  • Class Action $21,700,000
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck $9,500,000
  • Auto Accident $4,500,000
  • Tractor Trailer Accident $2,000,000
  • Defective Product Design $2,000,000
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck $1,800,000
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck $1,500,000
  • Motorcycle Wreck $1,250,000

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