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Since 1989, Caddell Reynolds Law Firm has been committed to helping injured and disabled individuals, small business owners, and others in need throughout Arkansas.

At our Fayetteville office, we represent clients in the following types of legal matters:

With over 100 years of combined experience, our attorneys have the knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively advocate for you. We have helped thousands of clients through some of the most challenging times in their lives, working to ease their stress and secure the best possible outcome so that they could heal and move forward. If you are struggling with a serious injury or disability, are unable to secure SSD benefits, or are facing crippling debt, we invite you to get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help.

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Call (800) 889-6944 or contact us online to get started with a consultation. We do not charge any fees for injury clients unless/until we win your case.

Who Can File a Personal Injury Claim?

Under Arkansas Personal Injury laws, anyone who is injured or harmed due to the negligent or wrongful actions or inactions of another person, company, or entity is entitled to file a Personal Injury claim. As the plaintiff (the person bringing the claim), you have the burden of proof. This means you are the one responsible for proving your claim.

To file a Personal Injury claim in Washington County (or elsewhere in Arkansas), you must prove the following:

  • Another person or party owed you a duty of care
  • The other person or party breached the duty of care
  • You were injured and suffered measurable damages
  • The breach of the duty of care was the proximate cause of your injuries/damages

For example, everyone who drives a motor vehicle has a duty to follow the law, drive with care, and do everything within reason to avoid causing an accident or harming others. This is the duty of care. If you were involved in a car accident (or another motor vehicle accident, such as a motorcycle or truck collision) because another driver failed to uphold the duty of care by acting negligently or wrongfully, you would have grounds to file a Personal Injury claim.

If you were recently injured in an accident and are unsure of your rights, contact our Fayetteville Personal Injury lawyers for a free consultation. During this initial meeting, we can discuss the specifics of your case and determine whether you have grounds for a claim. We will also be able to provide more detailed information regarding the potential value of your claim and how our firm can help once we have the opportunity to learn more about your situation.

What to Do If Your Social Security Disability Claim Was Denied

Unfortunately, many severe injuries, illnesses, and health conditions ultimately lead to disability. When your disability prevents you from earning a living to support yourself and/or your family, you could be entitled to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. But what happens if your SSD claim is denied?

If your Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim was denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA), you have the option of appealing the SSA’s decision. This process typically involves filing a petition for reconsideration. If the denial is upheld at the reconsideration stage, you may continue the appeals process by requesting a hearing.

If your SSD claim was denied, it is incredibly important that you reach out to an experienced Fayetteville Social Security Disability attorney. Navigating the appeals process can be difficult without the right legal team by your side. At Caddell Reynolds Law Firm, we are available to take your call 24/7 and provide you with the personalized legal counsel and guidance you need.

Types of Bankruptcy

When crippling debt and persistent creditors take over your life, Bankruptcy may offer the relief you need. If you are considering filing for Bankruptcy, there are some things you should know.

There are two main types of Bankruptcy:

  • Discharge of Debts: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy involves discharging one’s debts, meaning they are eliminated and the debtor does not have to pay them back. Only certain people qualify for this type of Bankruptcy, and you may be required to relinquish non-exempt properties and assets.
  • Repayment: Chapter 13, Chapter 11, and other forms of Bankruptcy require debtors to repay debts. However, they are granted the opportunity to restructure and reorganize those debts to make them more manageable.

The right type of Bankruptcy for you will depend greatly on your individual circumstances, including your income, your total secured and unsecured debts, whether you are filing as an individual or a business, and more. We encourage you to contact our Fayetteville Bankruptcy lawyers to learn more during a confidential consultation. We are available to take your call 24/7.

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Whether you need help filing a Personal Injury claim, appealing a denied SSDI or SSI claim, or navigating the process of filing for Bankruptcy, our team is ready to help. At Caddell Reynolds Law Firm, we devote ourselves to providing the caring, personalized counsel and aggressive advocacy our clients deserve.

We offer free initial consultations and contingency fees for all injury clients. This means that you do not pay any attorneys’ fees unless/until we recover compensation for you.

Contact our Fayetteville office at (800) 889-6944 today to request your initial consultation.


  • Class Action $21,700,000
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck $9,500,000
  • Auto Accident $4,500,000
  • Tractor Trailer Accident $2,000,000
  • Defective Product Design $2,000,000
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck $1,800,000
  • Tractor Trailer Wreck $1,500,000
  • Motorcycle Wreck $1,250,000

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