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Daycare Injuries

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Daycare Accidents & Injuries

As a parent, you entrust your child’s daycare with his or her safety and well-being every day. Unfortunately, some daycare facilities break this trust. When daycare workers are negligent, careless, or act wrongfully, innocent children suffer the consequences.

At Caddell Reynolds Law Firm, our Arkansas daycare injury lawyers understand how devastating it is to realize that your child has suffered harm at the hands of a trusted caregiver. We also understand your need for justice, which is why our team provides aggressive legal representation on behalf of injured children and their parents. With over 100 years of combined experience, we are ready to stand up for you and your child as we fight to hold the daycare worker, facility, or another liable party accountable.

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Common Daycare Accidents & Injuries

For a parent, there is nothing worse than when their child is injured. While it is impossible to protect a child from every accident, childcare facilities and workers should take reasonable steps to prevent children from being harmed. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

Below are some examples of relatively common daycare accidents:

  • Falls, including falls from playground equipment or falls while running
  • Being hit by falling or thrown objects
  • Fights between children, including biting and hitting
  • Accidental strangulation, suffocation, or poisoning
  • Choking, including choking on food or toys
  • Allergic reactions

Less common, but still prevalent, are incidents involving intentional harm and misconduct toward children. Such cases might involve physical or verbal abuse, shaken baby syndrome, child sexual abuse, or mistreatment of children as a form of punishment.

While most daycare injuries are minor, some children suffer serious injuries while under the supervision of childcare centers. Common daycare injuries include:

Sadly, many child injuries can have long-lasting or even permanent effects. Children may need extensive medical attention and ongoing care, and many will suffer both physical pain and emotional distress due to the accident.

How Do Daycare Accidents Happen?

While some accidents—such as a child tripping on the playground or being hit by another child—are difficult for childcare workers to prevent, many daycare accidents are the result of negligence. Daycare workers are held to a high standard of care—they are required to always keep a watchful eye on children in their care, ensure their safety, and follow applicable regulations designed to keep children safe. When they fail to uphold this duty of care, it can result in devastating accidents.

In some cases, a daycare worker and the facility itself can be held legally liable. This might be the case if the facility was negligent in its hiring or supervision practices, or if it failed to properly investigate or report allegations of misconduct or sexual abuse.

Suing a Daycare for Negligence

You may be able to sue a daycare for negligence if you can prove that a childcare worker was careless or acted wrongfully. However, many daycare centers require parents and/or guardians to sign waivers that limit or release the facility from liability in certain circumstances. Often, these forms have what is known as an “indemnity” or “liability” clause. This clause typically states that the facility is not responsible for harm the child suffers while under the supervision or care of the center.

However, legal precedent has shown repeatedly that such clauses are neither appropriate nor enforceable. Often, daycare centers include indemnity clauses not because they believe they can truly escape liability but to deter parents from filing lawsuits or seeking compensation on behalf of their children.

In other words, you could still have legal grounds to bring a lawsuit against a negligent daycare center or facility even if you signed a waiver or release form. Our Arkansas daycare injury lawyers can help you understand your rights as a parent, as well as the rights of your child to receive compensation. We are prepared to aggressively advocate for you and fight for the maximum compensation your child deserves.

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