Caddell Reynolds Infographic Clears Social Security Disability Myths

August 28, 20190

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to Americans who are unable to work due to a physical, medical, or mental disability. While many could potentially qualify to receive benefits under this program; a great deal of confusion surrounds the process—leading to questions on what conditions may qualify, how to apply, and where to find help.

In order to help combat this, Caddell Reynolds has published an informative infographic to help separate truth from speculation.


Social Security Disability: Separating the Myths from Facts addresses many of the common misconceptions regarding SSDI claims, approvals, denials, and appeals. These include:

  • Waiting for a Doctor’s Approval
  • Addressing a High Rate of Denials
  • When to Seek Out an Attorney
  • What a Denial Actually Means
  • Concerns Regarding Worker Age
  • How Soon a Worker Can Apply
  • Substance Abuse and a Claim
  • How Long an Application Can Take

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