SSA Reviews Social Media For Signs Of Fraud

March 25, 20190

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and Social Security Administration (SSA) commonly examine social media accounts to determine if recipients are fraudulently claiming Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. An article detailing their review process appears here.

Those receiving SSDI benefits—or with claims under review—must be careful with information shared on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter; as the SSA monitors the social media of beneficiaries.

Social Media to Play an Expanding Role

Currently, the OIG and SSA’s investigative units review social media account for fraudulent activity. However, the new 2020 budget proposal would allow them to expand reviews in order to evaluate applicants with new claims for SSDI benefits. A spokesperson for the SSA indicated adjudicators could use social media to determine the consistency of supporting evidence.

Lingering Concerns

Critics express concerns over data privacy, even before SSA details how they plan to use social media during the approval process. Worries include the authentication of end-user profiles, since user accounts are seldom linked tied to unique identifiers. Authentication may very well require SSA approach social media companies for back-end user data.

Some have concerns social media is an incorrect measure of the average user’s lifestyle. Users will only post what they want others to see. To complicate things, posts commonly involve memories instead of current events. Opponents worry SSA could deny an application if a claimant shares photos of a vacation, trip, or activity that took place before their disability.

Another worry critics raise regarding review of a claimant’s social media is that approvals are complicated and time-consuming already. They fear adding further steps to an already complex approval process puts additional strain on applicants who are already out of work and struggling.

Always Be Careful

Applicants for SSDI should avoid social media posts regarding their injury or claim. Authorities can use this information to deny benefits at a hearing. Damaging posts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter can impact a judge’s opinion of a claimant and hurt their claim.

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