BankruptcyIs an Auto Repair Shop Responsible If a Faulty Repair Causes an Accident?

October 11, 20230

Negligent vehicle maintenance occurs when a mechanic did not repair your car or pick up a potential problem, resulting in injury or harm. The failure to effect repairs constitutes negligence. This could allow you to pursue a personal injury case and hold the mechanic responsible for the costs you have incurred due to an accident.

You Can Hold the Mechanic Liable

If you have been involved in an accident, it could have been due to willful or negligent acts on the part of other drivers on the road, or even poor road conditions. In many of these instances, it is possible to claim compensation from the road traffic authorities or the other driver. However, there is another possibility.

Faulty or inadequate repairs being carried out by an auto repair shop means that their mechanics have been negligent. If poor repairs lead to an accident, you will have a legitimate case to pursue compensation. For example, your car’s headlights were not connected while driving at night or your brakes failed because they were inadequately repaired and tightened, and an accident took place as a result.

Don’t wait until the last moment to call us. The amount of compensation you receive will be commensurate with your injuries. Some of the damages and losses you may have incurred are a loss of income from being unable to work, pain and suffering, and medical expenses. The cost of having your vehicle restored may also be covered.

Your Auto-Repair Rights

Your court case needs to consider your auto-repair rights in light of the mechanic’s negligence. By law, the auto repair shop is required to provide you with an itemized invoice for everything that they did to your vehicle. This can help establish negligence. You also have the right to inspect parts that were taken out of your car as this can determine if the problem was correctly diagnosed. Breach of warranty can be considered too.

Factors to Establish Negligence

There are four factors that must be established when seeking compensation after an accident. The first two factors are that a duty of care exists, and that this duty was breached. One duty of care is to carry out work to the standards set by the industry. Then, the third factor of a negligence case is that a causal link. Fourthly, damages justifying compensation must be present. This can be supported with invoices from the mechanic who did the faulty repairs, medical bills, wage statements, and expert testimony. There are also certain things you should do immediately after an accident that will help you to claim compensation.

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