Motor Vehicle Accidents5 Mistakes To Avoid Making After A Car Wreck

July 28, 20200

When you find yourself in a motor vehicle accident, it can prove overwhelming. While car accidents are extremely common, many people are unaware of what to do when one happens. Sometimes in an attempt to resolve the situation, people take actions that not only fail to help but can actually hurt them. Here are some mistakes to avoid making after a car accident

1.Failing to Call 9-1-1

Regardless of the severity of your accident, it is smart to call the police. This is because the police take actions that can provide objective evidence to back your claim later on. Such evidence includes an Accident Report as well as witness information and statements.

2. Fleeing the Scene

Accidents can be a real shock when they occur. You may have the urge to get away from the scene as soon as possible. This is especially true if you deem that the accident was minor and only resulted in minor damage. Sometimes the other party may even tell you that it’s okay if you leave. But even if this is the case you should not leave the scene of the accident until the police have arrived. Otherwise, you could be falsely accused of a hit-and-run.

3. Not Collecting Evidence

Like memory, evidence can fade over time unless it is properly preserved. That’s why you should not hesitate to collect any relevant evidence immediately after an accident. When you are unable to collect evidence because you are seeking medical attention, it is best to ask someone whom you trust to do so for you. This may include things such as taking pictures and collecting witness and driver contact information.

4. Refusing Medical Treatment

You may think that you are perfectly fine after a car accident. In fact, you may not even have as much as a scratch on you. But while you may feel completely okay, some of the worst injuries often fail to show up for days or even weeks afterward. If you fail to receive medical treatment only to incur a serious injury, later on, it can be difficult to fight against your insurance company without the documentation provided when a medical professional has seen you.

5. Not Contacting an Attorney

Even for minor accidents, you may often run into hurdles when it comes to recovering for damages. That’s why it is always best to contact a knowledgeable and experienced Arkansas Car Accident Attorney who knows how to handle these types of cases.

An Experienced Car Accident Attorney Can Help

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