Auto AccidentsHow Safe are Modern Cars?

September 16, 20230

Car safety has come a long way over the decades, but the automotive industry has gone through some truly remarkable and revolutionary changes in the last 5 – 6 years. Therefore, it can be stated with statistical certainty that modern cars are safer than older cars in more ways than one.

Despite this, 42,795 car accident-related fatalities were reported in 2022. So, how can modern cars be significantly safer than their predecessors and still be involved in so many fatal accidents? How safe does that really make them? Looking through some key facts will help us find answers to these questions.

Not All Modern Cars are Made Equal

There was, is, and always will be a stark difference in car safety features based on the make, model, and price tag. The most high-tech and effective car safety features one can expect from a new car are always reserved for high-end models. Mid-range models offer the best balance between monetary value and safety features, but the definition of mid-range can be highly variable.

The low-end models are where the problem with modern cars begins. The safety features they tend to advertise, do not always pan out as well as they should. On top of that, modern, low-budget cars are actually flimsier than they used to be a decade ago. Given how many people can only afford to buy vehicles in the low range, it’s a sad but unsurprising fact that modern cars can’t always protect their passengers during a car accident as well as one might expect them to.

Not All Modern Cars are Safe Cars

If you are on the verge of buying a new car that’s not exactly a high-end vehicle, it is highly recommended that you do your research first. Pay attention to the car’s materials and build quality too, rather than simply going for the most feature-rich option available on your budget.

Paying a little more money for a new model from a reputed manufacturer is highly recommended, even if there are cheaper models with more modern features from less reputable makes. Read the reviews online and research the manufacturer’s history with car safety just to be sure.

It’s Not All Up to You or Your Car

Sometimes, it does not matter whether you are driving a flagship SUV with the latest safety features, or an ancient hatchback. Neither one is likely to be capable of providing much protection if the driver gets into an accident with a semi-truck. Road safety is not entirely in our hands, unfortunately, as some of it will always be in the hands of other drivers who are on the road with us.

Features such as automatic emergency braking and collision warning can certainly reduce one’s chances of getting into an accident, but no feature can completely protect anyone from irresponsible and reckless drivers who drive on the same roads as everyone else.

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