Personal InjuryEl Dorado Refinery Fire Injures 7 Workers

March 10, 20210

Late last month, the El Dorado Refinery, formerly Lion Oil, in El Dorado, Arkansas went up in flames. The industrial accident has reportedly injured at least seven people according to reports from the local fire department.

At this time, it is known that six people were taken to a nearby hospital. Four were later transferred to the burn unit at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. None of the patients are children, but the burn unit there is widely considered to be among the best in the state. At least one of the workers at the plant has suffered second-and third-degree burns. An El Dorado Refinery spokesperson also said it was believed that all four people in the burn ward needed to be placed on ventilators for at least some of their treatments.

Investigators from the El Dorado Fire Department, Union County Sheriff’s Office, and the Arkansas State Police are still attempting to determine the cause of the dangerous blaze. Preliminary reports from locals suggest that the fire started with a large explosion, as some people said their homes suddenly shook before they noticed smoke and fire coming from the El Dorado Refinery.

El Dorado Refinery’s Accident History

The devastating February 2021 fire at the El Dorado Refinery – at the time, it was the Lion Oil refinery – is not the industrial site’s only accident in recent history. Almost exactly two years prior, in February 2019, another fire erupted at the refinery. According to the refinery’s records, there were no reported injuries and the El Dorado Fire Department was not needed to contain the fire.

Even though the 2019 fire at the same facility was reportedly less dangerous, it is still concerning and interesting to investigators. It could indicate that there are problems with the industrial site itself or perhaps the companies’ safety protocols. Only continued investigations into the accident will be able to determine the cause and if some form of negligence was in play, though.

(For more information about this ongoing story, you can read a full article about the recent El Dorado Refinery fire by clicking here and visiting El Dorado News.)

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