Common Mistakes People Make When Filing For Social Security Disability

November 13, 20200

Over half of all first-round Social Security Disability claims are denied. In many cases, benefits are denied because of mistakes during the application process. Here are some of the most common and biggest mistakes individuals tend to make while filing for Social Security Disability:

Claiming Too Early

SSD benefits are permanently reduced if you start them early. Your benefit is reduced about one-half of one percent for each month you start your Social Security before hitting your full retirement age. The full retirement age varies by your birth year, which may be why many people are confused when they should claim.

Not Providing Sufficient Medical Records. 

To receive benefits, you must submit a list of every physician who treated you for your injury or disability, an official record of diagnoses of your condition(s), a complete list of scheduled appointments, a list of prescribed medications, and more.

Incomplete Job History. 

To apply for Social Security benefits, you must list out your complete work history with dates.

Income Not Matching

Your financial history, including sources of income, must match your tax records (W-2 forms) for your claim to be approved.

Inaccurate Codes. 

Applying for Social Security Disability will require inputting specific codes and ID numbers, such as your employee ID, employer’s ID, and Social Securitynumber. If any of the codes are wrong, your application could be denied.

Typos and Grammatical Errors. 

Because of the denial rate is so high, it is essential that you fill out your application completely and correctly. Some minor typos or grammatical errors in your application could cause confusion and result in a denied application.

Working and Going Over the Earnings Limit

It is possible to still work while receiving Social Securityretirement benefits, but don’t earn above the yearly earnings limit. If you earn more than the earnings limit (which is adjusted along with inflation every year), then your SSD benefits may be denied or reduced. The earnings limit is also based on your retirement claim age.

Not Completing Necessary Forms.

To apply for disability, you must fill out an application and bring it to your local Social Security Administration office or apply for disability benefits online. If the SSA sends you a form to complete, you must return it within the time requested. Otherwise, they may deny your claim for a lack of complete information.

Forgetting to Follow up.

Applicants should check their claims’ status regularly to ensure their applications are moving through the system without problems.

Missing Deadlines. 

There are time limits on many disability applications, including sending documents, appealing a decision, and requesting a hearing.

Not Following Your Treatment Plan.

It is vital you regularly visit your doctor for your medical issues, take any medications that you have been prescribed, and voice any concerns you may have about your treatment to medical providers. Failure to follow your treatment plan or keep appointments can lead the SSA to conclude that you are not doing what you need to improve your condition.

Hiring A Social Security Disability Lawyer in Arkansas

Social Security Disability is a complicated element of anyone’s retirement plan. We want your SSD claim to be approved the first time around, and our goal is to help you avoid common mistakes that can lead to claim denials.

If you have to file for Social Security benefits and have put off starting the process, our firm will assist you. Additionally, if you’re uncertain that your Social Security application was completed correctly or are having trouble answering all the forms, our Social Security Disability attorneys can look over your documents for potential errors. While it is not required to have legal representation, an experienced lawyer can help you fill out your Social Security Disability application thoroughly and accurately so that you can get the benefits you deserve.

Application Mistakes Result in Claim Denials

If your claim for Social Security benefits was denied due to an error in your application, you are not alone. Such a detailed and complicated application process leaves room for error. Thankfully, Caddell Reynolds is here to help.

Caddell Reynolds will assist you with your Social Securitydisability claim in our Jonesboro, Fort Smith, Fayetteville, Little Rock, North Little Rock and Rogers offices, offering you convenient service no matter where you live in Arkansas.

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