SafetyCan Social Media Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim?

January 10, 20200

When it comes to staying in touch with old friends or remembering birthdays, social media can prove extremely valuable. But while there is much good that it can do, social media can also hurt you if you continue to use it during a Personal Injury case.

Insurance adjusters will do almost anything to save money, including searching your social media accounts for any information that can be used to contradict your claim and therefore your potential recovery. Social media can make the court question various aspects of your Personal Injury claim. Such aspects include:

1. The severity of your injuries

Most of us now understand that social media shows only the best aspects of a person’s life. It does not show the struggles, the ugly moments, or the true hardships. Posting what you believe may be an innocent photo of yourself or being tagged in a picture by a friend can raise questions as to your true injuries since “they don’t look that bad.” Since you likely have no images showing the difficulties you have, this is an argument that may prove difficult to defend against.

2. The cost of your damages

A seemingly innocuous picture of you enjoying a meal at a restaurant with friends can be used by the opposing party to demonstrate that you cannot have the financial hardships that you claim to have. Your friends could have treated you to the meal, but there is no proof of this. That’s why such a picture could be used to negotiate a much smaller settlement than the one you deserve.

3. Your true emotional trauma

In certain circumstances, you may have a claim for emotional stress. But while you truly may be struggling with the situation, photos featuring you smiling and out with friends can be used against you in an attempt to prove you have no need for compensation for emotional distress.

You can help to prevent this by making your social media profiles as private as possible. That is why if you are bringing a Personal Injury claim it is important that you do not post anything on social media. It may be a good idea to take a hiatus from social media engagement until your case has been resolved.

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