BankruptcyDealing with the Aftermath of Serious Burns Caused by an Industrial Accident

October 21, 20230

Industrial accidents can have life-altering consequences, and from factories to construction sites, serious burns can be one of the most common causes of these painful and emotionally distressing incidents. In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to deal with the challenges presented by a serious burn of any kind, from the immediate response and recovery to the process of seeking compensation.

Understanding the Severity of Industrial Burns

If an industrial accident has caused a personal injury like a serious burn, then it’s vital you receive the support you need as soon as possible, as different types of industrial burns can be very severe and require different treatment approaches:

  • Thermal burns: Caused by contact with hot surfaces, flames or hot liquid, thermal burns need to be cooled immediately to minimize tissue damage, before an assessment can be made on the depth and extent of the burn to identify the correct treatment path.
  • Chemical burns: When dealing with chemical burns, the first step is to remove any contaminated clothing or substances from the affected area. This process, known as decontamination, helps to ensure prevention of ongoing damage or complications.
  • Electrical burns: Although they might appear less severe on the surface, electrical burns can cause deep tissue damage to the skin, muscles, nerves and even internal organs.

What to Expect from Medical Treatment

If you’ve suffered from a serious burn, it’ll likely be a long road to recovery. Fortunately, in today’s world, medical treatment for burns is very advanced – here’s what to expect.

Immediate Aftermath

In the immediate aftermath of an industrial burn, you should always call 911 or head straight to the nearest emergency room – even if a burn doesn’t look bad, it can still have a severe impact under the surface.

Assessment and Stabilization

Medical professionals will assess the severity of your burn and help to stabilize it, which typically involves pain management, wound care and the provision of fluids.

Further Treatment

If your burn is deemed to be severe, then you might be transferred to a specialized burn unit or center, which will have the expertise and resources to handle complex burn cases. In some cases, burned tissue may need to be surgically removed to prevent infection, and in serious incidents, skin grafts or reconstructive surgery may be necessary. Your healthcare provider will discuss the extent of your burn and their recommended treatment approach with you.

Successful medical treatment takes time, and you might be out of action for a while. That’s why, if you’re concerned that somebody’s negligence might have caused your injury, it might be time to consider making a legal claim.

Legal Considerations for Industrial Burns

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious industrial burn can be a long and challenging journey, so it’s important to explore all the avenues available to you for support. When negligence or unsafe working conditions contribute to an industrial accident, legal action is vital to secure not just compensation, but also the safety of your current and future coworkers. One of our attorneys can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your accident, gather evidence and provide valuable guidance on your legal options, including the pursuit of compensation for negligence that can help you rebuild your life.

If you’ve suffered serious burns as a result of an industrial accident, then you’re not alone. While the road to recovery may be long, the strength and resilience of survivors like yourself is endless – by seeking the appropriate medical care and holding those responsible to account, you can move past this difficult time with hope and determination.

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