BankruptcyCaddell Reynolds Represents Arkansas Man Jailed For Murder In False Imprisonment Suit

July 11, 20180

A man accused of murder 12 years ago has recently filed a lawsuit for false imprisonment—including complaints against a police chief, criminal investigators, and a crime lab in Northwest Arkansas.

After serving 1,121 days in prison for a 2012 murder, Rico Cohn was released in 2015 for lack of evidence. Hoping to clear his name of capital murder charges, he has now filed a 271-page lawsuit against Fayetteville’s police chief, several investigators, and members of the Arkansas State Crime Lab. The complaints include:

  • False Imprisonment
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Civil Conspiracy
  • Criminal Conspiracy

Tony Pirani—a criminal defense attorney with Caddell Reynolds—is now examining the evidence in the case on Cohn’s behalf. He states: “This is happening in our backyard, under our noses and on our watch. An innocent man lost three years of his life for a crime that he did not commit—which means a killer is still out there. If the public knew what we knew, we think that everyone would see—as we did a long time ago—that the police arrested the wrong man.” Mr. Pirani hopes clearing Cohn’s name will pave the way for real law and order.

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