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December 22, 20200

Driving around semi-trucks is much different from sharing the road with standard-sized cars. Truck drivers are professionally trained, but those who drive alongside them need to take special care. Over 250,000 occur between passenger cars and 18-wheelers each year, with standard-sized vehicle drivers contributing to over 70% of the crashes. It could save your life by learning how to properly and safely share the road with semi-trucks. To protect every driver on the road, we’ve prepared some tips to improve everyone’s chances of staying safe when behind the wheel.

Always Be Cautious

Even if you believe the driver can see you, other incidents can occur with larger trucks that may not be within the driver’s reach to handle. If it is rainy or snowing and you are riding on slick roads, don’t get too close to the truck’s rear or even next to one because there is a chance the car will slide underneath the truck.

Learn How to Pass Trucks Properly

If a truck attempts to pass you, don’t speed up. Instead, stay to the right and slightly reduce your speed to make it easier for the truck to get around you. This will give the truck driver enough room to pass and get you out of the truck’s blind spot faster. Never pass a truck that’s backing up. You may enter the trucker’s blind spot, which can be dangerous.

Don’t Get Distracted.

No matter what, stay alert and focused on the road ahead of you and any trucks that may be traveling alongside you. Texting and driving have caused both minor and fatal accidents. Reaching for an object by taking your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road may result in a crash.

Give Trucks Space

If a semi-truck driver is signaling to change lanes, give them space. An average truck changing lanes needs an eight-second gap or 700 feet (the length of 2 1/2 football fields). If you’re stopped on a hill, trucks can roll back as the driver takes their foot off the brake. It’s important to leave as much room as possible between you and the truck.

Respect the Driver

Showing respect to drivers is the best recommendation for driving with semi-trucks or commercial vehicles. This includes no cutting off or tailgating trucks and taking additional steps to let the trucker know you’re about to pass or get in front of them.

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