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Do you avoid answering calls out of fear it will be a bill collector? If you are you drowning in debt, afraid to open your mail, or fearing your home will face foreclosure; call (800) 889-6944. Ask Caddell Reynolds—a leading Bankruptcy law firm in Arkansas—if Bankruptcy may be a solution for you. If you have serious financial concerns, a Bankruptcy filing can potentially help you reorganize debt and get your life back on track.

Know the Myths

Many myths about Bankruptcy exist—including the long-held misconception that it is a sign of financial failure—and that those who file will be financially ruined forever. Bankruptcy is simply the process in which a person legally declares they are unable to pay outstanding debts.

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Understand the Facts

What follows a Bankruptcy filing is usually a legal discharge of most—if not all—debts, the determination of a payment schedule for creditors, or a possible liquidation of assets to satisfy debts. A business may also declare Bankruptcy, under the terms of which they will either liquidate their assets and close or restructure and continue to operate as they offer payments to creditors.

Our Arkansas Bankruptcy Lawyers Will Fight for You

Bankruptcy law is complicated—but you don’t have to go through it alone. Let us help you file for Bankruptcy relief. The experienced Bankruptcy attorneys at Caddell Reynolds can help you through difficult times—allowing you to move past them and toward the good things in life. When you call Caddell Reynolds for help, you’ll speak with one of our top debt-relief attorneys for free.

Caddell Reynolds has offices conveniently located throughout Arkansas to better serve you. We offer free phone or office consultations. If you cannot get to us, we can come to you. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the answers you need regarding a potential Bankruptcy claim. Call (800) 889-6944 today.

“Bankruptcy law is complicated—but you don’t have to go through it alone. Let us help you file for Bankruptcy relief.”

Understanding Bankruptcy Claims

Generally, Bankruptcy claims fall into a few categories. Determining which is best for you depends on your financial situation and what debt you have. In any case, choosing correctly can help you get out of debt and ease your financial burden. Call (800) 889-6944 and the Arkansas Bankruptcy lawyers at Caddell Reynolds can help you choose.

  • Chapter 7: This type of Bankruptcy will relieve filers of most of their debts with a few exceptions—including taxes, some student loans, and domestic support obligations such as alimony or child support.
  • Chapter 11: This type of Bankruptcy is a way for viable businesses to secure additional time to meet their debt obligations—and to reorganize debts and contracts under the supervision of the Bankruptcy Court.
  • Chapter 12: This type of Bankruptcy is designed for family farmers and family fishermen with a seasonal income structure. It may also include individuals who—in their ordinary course of business—cut timber.
  • Chapter 13: This type of Bankruptcy is for those with enough income to continue making payments who have fallen behind. It provides a chance to reorganize debts over time—and may see debts discharged.

Caddell Reynolds Is Here for You—and Your Family

At Caddell Reynolds, we advocate for you. We provide the assistance you need to guide you through the legal system—allowing your voice to be heard and protecting your rights. The goal of our experienced Arkansas debt-relief attorneys is to provide a protective shield around you and your family in your time of need. Call Caddell Reynolds at (800) 889-6944 today to learn more about your rights and options.

About Bankruptcy Litigation

A Bankruptcy filing is not only to protect a debtor from creditors or collectors during times of financial hardship. It can also serve as a tool to help combat creditors and collectors engaging in unlawful or unjust collection practices—including mortgage servicing abuse, mortgage modifications, or violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

In a Bankruptcy filing, the debtor can protect their property and assets while prosecuting claims against creditors and collectors before the Federal Bankruptcy Courts. In some circumstances, supplemental or pendent jurisdiction allows a claim that could go before a state or a Federal District Court to go before the Bankruptcy Court while property and assets are protected.

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If you are considering Bankruptcy proceedings, all Caddell Reynolds for help at (800) 889-6944. When you call, you’ll speak with one of our top Arkansas Bankruptcy Attorneys absolutely FREE.

Caddell Reynolds will be by your side every step of the way. Call us for your Free Legal Consultation at (800) 889-6944 today. We have offices conveniently located throughout Arkansas to better serve you.

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