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Caddell Reynolds Wins $400,000 Premises Liability Appeal

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We’re proud to announce that Caddell Reynolds has just won an important premise liability case on appeal. Three years ago in June 2015, our client injured herself when she fell in a hole that was concealed by the maintenance crew of the complex while walking her dogs. She was on the property of an apartment complex.

Our client suffered a broken ankle that required surgery with metal plates and surgical screws to repair her ankle. Her injuries left her with a mountain of medical bills she couldn’t afford. She was left with a large scar on her ankle and suffers from ongoing pain.

Attorney Bill Horton of Caddell Reynolds handled this case throughout the entire legal process until the close of the case in March 2018.

Initially, Caddell Reynolds made a demand to the apartment complex insurance carrier to pay for our client’s injuries, medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering, and other losses. They refused to take her injuries seriously or compensate her appropriately. Caddell Reynolds filed suit against the complex alleging they were responsible for the injuries and demanded they fairly compensate our client.

Property owners and managers are responsible to maintain a safe premise. They are responsible to protect people while on their property from accidents, injuries, and assaults.

The experienced attorneys at Caddell Reynolds fought the insurance company and won.

After a trial, our client was awarded a $350,000 verdict plus 10% interest. The insurance carrier appealed the verdict and the Court of Appeals denied the appeal. With interest, the verdict grew to over $400,000 that was awarded to our client.

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