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New Study Shows Dangers of Driving Drowsy

Sleepy Teenage Driver

A new study is shining a light on the dangers of driving when tired.

A recent study conducted by AAA shows that nearly one in ten car crashes are caused by drowsy drivers.

“We work accidents on a regular basis where people say ‘I just fell asleep,’” said Cpl. Eric Lee with the Arkansas State Police.

Cpl. Lee says driving while drowsy can be as dangerous as drunk driving or texting and driving.

The study found that on average more than 320,000 collisions involving a drowsy driver occur each year in the U.S.

“It mimics driving under the influence of alcohols, drugs because the same things happen, you lose your awareness, you lose your ability to control the vehicle and your motor skills are reduced,” Cpl. Lee explained.

Companies like Uber are now trying to prevent accidents caused by sleepy drivers. The app counts how many hours drivers have been on the road and automatically goes offline for six hours after a twelve-hour shift.

To read the full story, click here.

When you are driving on our Arkansas roads, please keep in mind not only your safety but the safety of your fellow drivers.

Here are some tips to drive safely:

  • The best countermeasure to drowsy driving is to get enough rest on a daily basis.
  • Before the start of a long family car trip, get a good night’s sleep.
  • Avoid drinking any alcohol before driving.
  • If you take medications that could cause drowsiness as a side effect, use public transportation when possible.
  • If you must drive during the peak sleepiness periods, stay vigilant for signs of drowsiness, such as crossing over roadway lines or hitting a rumble strip.

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