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One Way You Can Move Up Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Court houseSubmitting a dire need letter for Social Security Disability can speed up your hearing process, and you should know why.

You have applied for Social Securityand you are waiting for a hearing. This hearing will evaluate all of the evidence for your disability and will be vital in determining whether you will receive Social Security Disability. However, there is often a gap of 12 to 18 months between when you request a hearing and when you receive one. What will you do in the meantime?

There are multiple ways in which you can move up your Social Securitydisability hearing. You can request an “on the record” review, submit a dire need letter, or receive a congressional inquiry. The fastest and most easily attainable of these options is to submit a dire need letter for Social Security Disability.


A dire need letter is a document submitted to the Social Security Administration in which you explain the severity of your financial situation. This letter should include whether you are in a condition in which you will lose the ability to pay for your medication or are at risk of eviction. Additionally, it should lay out your income and expenses. Include any evidence that you can, such as late notices from your utilities, eviction notices, and letters from landlords.  Furthermore, include plenty of information about your medical expenses, with copies of notes from your doctors.

The goal of a dire need letter for Social Security Disability is to move up your hearing. It will be reviewed by the Social Security Administration’s Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. This letter will determine if you qualify for a dire need case. You need to make a strong argument with your letter. The following situations have been known to result in a dire need case:

  • You are at risk of losing utilities.
  • You are at risk of losing the ability to pay for medical treatment and medications.
  • You are at risk of eviction or foreclosure.

You can certainly write and submit your own dire need letter. However, it is worth working with a Social Security Disability attorney in Arkansas or Oklahoma in order to craft an effective dire need letter. Working with a professional will ensure that your dire need letter is not rejected.


If you are not deemed to be a dire need case, it can take upwards of 12-18 months to receive a hearing. This timeframe is based on how long it takes to move through each of the phases of the application process. If your initial application was denied, you will be subject to reconsideration. If reconsideration of your application is denied, then your claim is taken to the hearing level after you file a request to appeal the denial.

Once you have appealed the denial, you are added to the long list of people appealing their Social Security Disability claims. This is when the dire need letter comes into play. If submitted and approved, you can reduce your waiting time by several months. The exact timeframe will vary based on how many other dire need cases are pending review.

Are you interested in acquiring a dire need letter? We can help. We will make sure that your dire need letter contains the information that the Social Security Administration needs to process your claim. Contact Caddell Reynolds if you need a Social Security Disability attorney in Arkansas or Oklahoma or call us at (800) 889-6944.