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Freak Accidents: Who is to Blame?

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Finding out who to blame is a core process of a freak accident Personal Injury case.

A freak accident is any accident in which there is no clear way that anyone could have predicted that the accident was going to happen, and the accident had a low probability of happening. Were you involved in a freak accident? It is time to learn how the law determines who is at fault in freak accidents, which will help you understand the litigation process for Personal Injury accidents.


Immediately after your accident, you should investigate your own well-being. If you do not require medical attention, consider the following to help bolster your Personal Injury claim:

  • Call the police station and obtain a detailed police report.
  • Create a detailed document of everything that happened after you were in the freak accident. Include any lost wages from work, medical expenses, and chronological hospital visits.
  • Collect any evidence you can from the scene of the accident. Take as many pictures as you can immediately after the accident to help paint the picture for the judge.
  • Take down the contact information of anybody who witnessed the freak accident. Additionally, write up notes about the conversation you had with them.

These steps will aid your Personal Injury attorney in Arkansas or Oklahoma to build your case.


Accident investigation is the process by which the lawyers and insurance companies will use evidence to help establish if someone is at fault. If someone is found to be “at fault,” they are considered responsible for the accident and will typically owe the other party some form of compensation. As such, determining who is at fault is often at the core of the case. It is also determined on a case by case basis.


Understanding how to sue for Personal Injury will help you know what to do next after your freak accident, especially if you were involved in a motorcycle accident. You can make a legal claim through a Personal Injury lawsuit, which will help you with compensation for damages when someone else is responsible for the injury. For these situations, Caddell Reynolds is the Personal Injury attorney that you need by your side.

If you wish to file a Personal Injury claim for a freak accident, one of our experienced attorneys will guide you through the process. If the other party is found responsible, they will have a legal duty to pay restitution. Contact Caddell Reynolds today at (800) 889-6944.