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Three Important Things That Your SSD Attorney Will Do for You

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For millions of Americans living with disability, SSD benefits are a lifeline and a critical form of support. By hiring a Social Security Disability attorney, you gain the expertise and diligence of someone who knows how to navigate the system.

Despite its importance, the bureaucracy that administers SSD benefits is rarely easy to navigate. Applicants discover that misinterpretations of the law or technical mistakes are enough to result in denial of benefits. Your lawyer is committed to furthering your best interests, whether it’s during the initial application process or in later appeals. Here are just three ways an SSD attorney can safeguard your legal rights.


The Social Security Administration requires multiple forms, including medical records, as part of your application. Your lawyer helps you complete these forms correctly, describing any limitations you experience because of your physical or mental condition. Often, clients who attempt to do the paperwork on their own leave out vital information needed to prove their disability.

Additionally, clients often think they have done everything right, only to learn they’ve used incorrect forms or spoken to the wrong individuals. For example, a physician’s note is usually not enough to support an application for SSD benefits, even if that doctor’s opinion is clearly on your side.


Unfortunately, many initial SSD applications are denied. The appeals process has many stages, although you may not have to go through every stage if you are successful in getting the SSA to reverse its decision. Your attorney will assist you in gathering the required medical documentation, including getting the right information from doctors, to support your claim.

If your application is denied at the reconsideration stage, you may continue the appeal process and attend a hearing to make your case. Your lawyer will advocate for your interests by speaking on your behalf. Importantly, your attorney will work with you in order to ensure the decision-makers have up-to-date and relevant information on your condition.


In order to win your SSD case, you must meet the SSA’s criteria. This means following the administration’s strict evaluation process. An attorney can walk you through these steps, ensuring you have all of the required elements to prove you are eligible for benefits. In order to receive SSD benefits, it’s not enough to have a disability; you must also prove it to the administrative decision-makers.

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