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The Most Common Reasons People Go Bankrupt

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When you contact a lawyer and begin filing for Bankruptcy in Arkansas, it can feel a little like you are the only person who ever goes through the process. Think again.

Somewhere around 1.5 million people file for Bankruptcy every year in the United States. While every person has a story to tell about how they went upside down with their finances, there are several common reasons that people go bankrupt and need the help of a Bankruptcy lawyer.


For instance, maybe you are facing Bankruptcy because of medical expenses. Over 65 percent of personal bankruptcies are for this very reason – despite the fact that some 78 percent of people filing Bankruptcy, for this reason, had medical insurance. The simple truth is that even when you have savings, retirement accounts, and assets to liquefy, it sometimes still isn’t enough to handle the costs associated with a medical condition or serious injury.


The second big reason that people go bankrupt is that they lose their jobs. This issue can manifest in a few different ways. While the loss of income is always going to be a bit jarring, what comes next is often the real challenge. Severance packages are increasingly less common and unemployment only pays a fraction of what you were originally earning. Having an emergency fund can help bridge the gap, but only temporarily, and you may have more expenses, like COBRA insurance or job-hunting costs. Turning to credit cards is often the only way to make ends meet. Even if you do find a job that pays as much or more than you made before, the damage is done.


Finally, there are the unexpected expenses that crop up. Whether the issue is a divorce, storm damage to your home or a car that dies after you have it paid off, it can be difficult to budget for these expenses. Divorce carries so many legal fees that it can make affording to leave your marriage a real difficulty (to say nothing of the loss of household income that comes when you divide a home). Unexpected damage to your property can be expensive to repair and may not be covered by your insurance plans. Even if you have savings set aside, it only takes one major event to wipe that out.

Reckless spending is rarely a reason for filing for Bankruptcy in Arkansas. Most people experience high medical bills, job loss or major unexpected expenses and just have a hard time getting ahead afterward.

If your bills have gotten out of hand, don’t be afraid to talk to a Bankruptcy lawyer today. If you want to learn more about how Caddell Reynolds can help, contact our office at (800) 889-6944. Our lawyers are ready to work for you.