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No Matter the Weather, a Negligent Driver Is Always Held Responsible

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Car accidents are often caused by negligence, and even bad weather cannot help negligent drivers avoid legal repercussions.

Anyone who has been injured in a car wreck knows that there are both physical and financial concerns that must be addressed. Having the right legal advocate on your side can help make the process of obtaining compensation smoother, and can also help you understand whether the driver who injured you or a loved one was actually negligent when driving in bad weather.

A finding of negligence may depend on your car accident attorney’s knowledge of the situation, the claims the other driver is making about what took place, and a careful examination of the accident scene.


Legally, a negligent driver is one who fails to take reasonable care. Such failure can include:

  • Drinking too much and then driving.
  • Getting behind the wheel when tired or ill.
  • Driving too fast for conditions.

During less-than-optimal weather conditions, reducing accident risk by slowing down and taking other measures, such as turning on headlights or using snow chains or traction tires, is important for the safety of yourself and for other drivers around you.


Different types of weather can impact traffic flow, accident risks, and other aspects of travel. Fog, rain, snow, and ice generally increase accident risks and also reduce the speed at which traffic flows.

When a driver ignores the weather when they travel, or judges it to be less dangerous than it really is, they may cause accidents through negligence. Thus, drivers who do not take the time to properly assess road and weather conditions can make choices that render them negligent in the eyes of the law.


For example, if you are driving in the rain and you try to quickly brake, your car is likely to slide or have a harder time slowing down than if the road were dry. You must make allowances for this; if you do not make such allowances and you rear-end the car in front of you, you would most likely be considered negligent and thus liable for the damages you caused.

Arguing that the weather was bad and therefore “caused” an accident generally does not hold legal weight. The weather itself cannot cause an accident; only what drivers do when they are behind the wheel makes a real difference.

After an accident, it is wise to have a trusted attorney to review your case and provide you with the support you need. Contact Caddell Reynolds if you need a car accident attorney in Arkansas or Oklahoma by calling (800) 889-6944. Getting the compensation you deserve is important, especially if the negligence of another driver has caused you to be injured in a car wreck.