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Our Attorneys’ Tips on Getting a Better Car Insurance Settlement

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When it comes to a car insurance settlement, the goal is to get a level of compensation that takes into consideration all of your injuries and property damage as well as any long-term effects from the accident. In order to do that, you need to be able to prove the severity of the injuries and the damages you have sustained. Without strong legal representation, you may not receive adequate compensation even if you are seriously injured and your life has been adversely affected physically, financially, and emotionally. Negotiating with insurance companies requires a firm grasp on legal nuances that the average person may not even know exist. Here are some tips to remember when working with your car insurance attorney at Caddell Reynolds to negotiate a better car insurance settlement.


Selecting an experienced car accident attorney at Caddell Reynolds is crucial to your case. You want an attorney that understands your particular situation and who you feel comfortable with negotiating on your behalf. To that end, you should select one that is on the same page when it comes to the settlement amount in your case. Your attorney may suggest a higher settlement amount, but if they actually suggest a lower one, it is very important to ask them why they feel your case is worth less than you expected. Once your attorney explains, you will have a better understanding of what options you have for next steps in the settlement process.


Jumping at the first car accident settlement offer is generally never a good idea. By working with your car accident attorney, you can get a better offer than the initial one the insurance company offers. In many cases, your final car insurance settlement will be much higher than the first offer that was presented, so you do not want to agree to a low amount just to get a settlement. You deserve what is fair and just, and the first offer you are given from the insurance company will often be a low-ball offer that the insurers hope you will accept out of convenience.


Contrary to other procedural circumstances, when negotiating with an insurance company there is no need to keep emotion out of the equation. How you feel about your car accident and the injuries you sustained is an important part of the car accident settlement negotiations. You will need to discuss this openly with your attorney, your doctors, and others who are involved in your case, so you can make sure the insurance company you are trying to settle with understands the full extent and impact of your injuries. Being injured in a car accident is more than just physical. It is also about the pain and suffering you experienced and whether that is an ongoing situation.


In some cases, what seems like a simple whiplash injury can actually turn out to be something far more serious. Even if you feel fine after a car accident, you should still see your doctor and have a thorough checkup. You may have injuries you do not realize, and you may have something that seems minor but that is actually a long-term medical condition. If that is the case, you want to be treated for those injuries properly, and you want to be aware of any long-term or continued treatment that you will need. Getting payment for that treatment should be part of your settlement, and you cannot include the treatment if you are not aware of the need for it.

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