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What You Should Do After an Accident


  1. Stop vehicle and call police.
  2. Make sure everyone is okay or give aid to those in need.
  3. Cooperate with the police officer in his/her investigation.
  4. Take photos of damaged vehicles and the accident scene.
  5. If witnesses stop, get their names and addresses.
  6. If hurt, obtain medical care and attention.
  7. Report the accident to your insurance company.


  1. Do not discuss the accident with the other driver or others on the scene, other than the investigating officer. You will surely be misquoted later by someone else who is not taking notes or the other driver whose interests are adverse to yours.
  2. DO NOT EVER give the other driver’s insurance company a recorded statement. The statement can never benefit you and will likely be used against you if your case ends up in litigation.
  3. Do not put off getting the medical care that you need in hopes that you will heal without medical care.  Doing so only gives the other driver’s insurance company a reason not to pay.
  4. Don’t trust the other driver’s insurance company to give you a fair amount for your vehicle damage. Get damage estimates on your vehicle or, if it is totaled, determine its fair market value.
  5. Do not take any action on your own before you know your rights and the law. Most Personal Injury lawyers will speak with you over the phone for no charge and will give you guidance; however, when you attempt to settle your claims on your own, you may say or do something detrimental to your claim so that the driver’s insurance company can deny your claim or reduce its value.

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